When we last left our friend, Nancy, she was living the dream… drinking acidic beverages & eating acidic foods; like they weren’t going to make them again. She’s paying for all of this debauchery, friends; Nancy just had her yearly physical, and the numbers didn’t look promising! Her blood pressure rising… check. High cholesterol… check. Endocrine values askew… check. Nancy talking to her doctor about her low-energy, achy-joint, bad moods, migraine-suffering state of life… check, check, check, and check. Her Doc rightly tells her that her diet may be out of whack, that maybe they should consider referring her to a hospital dietician. He notes that her chart shows her to be sedentary; he thinks walking 3x week would be a great idea. After pursuing the short walk down natural lane, Nancy’s doctor then turns to the prescription pad and writes her scripts for cholesterol-lowering medication, migraine medication, and an anti-depressant for her swinging moods. They set up a follow-up appointment and off Nancy goes… to the pharmacy to pick up what is sure to become the first of many rounds of differing medications in her life. It doesn’t have to go down like this! Nancy could make a few subtle changes, and a couple of big ones, to completely transform her world. Nancy could experience what it’s like to be truly healthy… vital… living, instead of existing.

What does it take? What changes am I going to be making, the Nancys of the world are wondering? Change is a scary word to many people. I like to call these kinds of changes… lifestyle bumps. Just a little bump in the right direction is sometimes all that is required to see a great new path. Sometimes, lifestyle bumps aren’t easy; you have to keep your eyes on the prize in moments of junk food weakness. The prize is feeling awesome every day, having the energy to complete your day and have some left over, and living your best life, pain-free… and medication-free!  It’s up to you, Nancy.

Step one: soft drinks are the tastiest, most horribly acidic, worst for you liquids that people drink! Nancy, you have to start minimizing your consumption of soda now, before it’s too late. It takes approximately 32 glasses of mineralized water to balance the acids from one can of soda. You read it right… one CAN. Nancy drinks at least one 44 ounce cola per day. There are 12 ounces in a can of soda; taking a few ounces away for ice, there will be roughly 32 ounces of pure soda in Nancy’s 44 ounce “super-sized” drink. I’m no math whiz… but I’m calculating Nancy will need about 85 glasses of mineralized water to balance her pH scale back into a healthy range! Umm… ‘nuff said.

A hardcore soda drinker will have a hard time quitting the stuff cold turkey, which can bring about withdrawal symptoms like a drug. Nancy just needs to bump soda out of her life in baby steps. She could try to diminish the amount she purchases each week, replacing some of what she would’ve drank with mineralized, or Alkaline water. The minerals contained in this type of water are used by our bodies to keep our pH balances intact, particularly sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Remember, it’s been studied that for a new behavior to become a habit, the behavior must be implemented for at least 21 days. Try to eliminate soft drinks for a minimum of 3 weeks, and replace most, if not all of that missing fluid, with mineralized water. Listen… our bodies LOVE water! It’s really what our bodies need most. After 3-4 weeks of consistent water consumption, you will be amazed to find that what you are craving most is water! This is the most important step in restoring your healthy pH balance. Of course, there is no easier, cheaper, healthier way to mineralize your water than using pH Life’s newest product, pH Thrive™!

A huge second step for Nancy is dietary balancing. If she is going to eat an acidic food (most proteins, grains, some nuts, condiments are acidic), she really needs to consider balancing that acid with a big serving of alkalinity. We’re simply talking about vegetables (especially greens!) and most fruits. To start, if Nancy is going to order a cheeseburger at the drive-thru, instead of adding acidic fries to that, she should order a side salad with a light vinaigrette dressing. Top this off with a bottle of water (with 4 drops of pH Thrive™),  and Nancy just made her first attempt at balancing her own pH levels… and saved herself a bunch of useless calories. I’m on record here that cheeseburgers aren’t the best choice for lunch, but again, we’re talking about small lifestyle bumps that can begin the process of true lifestyle change. It simply can be thought of this way: if one part acid goes in the mouth, then one part of an alkaline substance needs to chase it down. Balance, people… balance. We can work on tipping the scale toward alkalinity later.

Finally, Nancy needs a small attitude adjustment. This will largely take place as she begins to rid the acids in her life; she will have more energy, feel better, and have a much better outlook on life. It shouldn’t end there! Nancy needs to spend some time outside, taking some walks, getting her body moving again. Our bodies were made to do work; for it to be happy and complete… work that body!!! There is no better stress relief than exercise, and no bigger addition to an acid lifestyle than accumulated stress. Make the time to do something… anything… of a physical nature each day. A 20-30 minute walk is a free exercise tool, and will do more good than you can imagine. Of course, there are many forms of exercise. Pick one that you can stick with to forge the new habit.

These simple lifestyle bumps can all begin to move “Nancy” forward into a new healthy life and out of the Acidosis Cycle. Happy that she hasn’t felt in years, energy that she never thought she’d have again, and fewer days that she didn’t want to get out of bed to meet the day. Sounds like she’s beginning the process of learning how to THRIVE!

written by:  Stacy Kimmel, N.D., Ph.D.