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pH Coaching Program

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pH Coaching Kit (included with study course)!

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    pH Coaching Program is your opportunity to present an easy, economical lifestyle plan to the masses. This plan is geared toward improving the acid/alkaline balance of our dietary intakes, which science has shown to provide immeasurable health benefits. Along with pH balanced nutritional guidance, a pH Coach can help their clients understand the importance of regular exercise and how to implement it into busy schedules. Your career as a pH Coach also includes the ability to sell a growing line of pH Life products, naturally designed to aid pH Body Balance. You can create the lifestyle you desire by serving one of the fastest growing industries in the world, the Health and Wellness sector.

    Kit includes:

    • Online Self-Directed Study Course
    • pH Thrive Concentrated Mineral Drops (1/2 oz & 2 oz)
    • pH Strip Dispenser (125 one inch test strips)
    • pH Strip Individual Envelope (holds 15 test strips)
    • pH Life Filtered Water Bottle
    • pH Coach Tote Bag

    Download pH Coach Brochure

    Download pH Coach Curriculum Outline

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