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Your body pH is one of the most critical measures for giving you control over your health. The body’s pH balance indicates levels of acidity and alkalinity in the blood and other fluids. When your body pH is out of balance – either too acidic or too alkaline – you may experience a variety of health problems. An acidic environment contributes to a feeling of low energy, and can be a breeding ground for obesity, bone loss, and disease.

The Standard American Diet (SAD!) – high in sugar, saturated fats, meat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine – contributes to an acidic condition. But you can balance your body with regular pH testing, drinking Alkaline Mineral water, and by making a few adjustments to your diet.

The pH scale, developed to show the level of acidity or alkalinity in substances, measures the level of acidity in your body. Your pH levels control the speed of your body’s biochemical reactions and the more unbalanced your pH levels are, the more susceptible you are to illness. pH Life™ provides the information and products you need to balance your body pH safely and naturally.

Your body pH affects everything. For instance, your blood should fall in a very narrow pH range right around 7.4. A blood pH level below or above this range results in poor health symptoms and disease. What can be done to correct unbalanced pH levels in our bodies? Everyone can benefit from flushing acids and toxins from their bodies by drinking Alkaline Mineral water. Alkaline Mineral water hydrates your body more efficiently, while helping correct what is known as the Acid-Base Balance.

It’s been estimated that up to 75% of Americans are dehydrated, which contributes to many health problems. By drinking the proper amounts of Alkaline Mineral water, you can diminish the unhealthy effects of dehydration, while helping your body to correct it’s pH balance. Alkaline Mineral water consumption is also a fantastic way to supplement valuable minerals into your daily diet. Alkaline minerals should be supplied through Full-Spectrum mineral supplementation, that has been obtained naturally without industrial processing or chemical manufacturing. This perfectly balanced, all natural mineral supplement exists in pH Life’s alkaline mineral drop, called “pH Thrive™!”


Study completed at the University of Arizona and published in the Nutrition and Metabolism Journal in London in 2012 regarding the relationship between diet and cancer.
Study completed at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas regarding the importance of alkalinity in the body.
Dr. Lynda Frasetto, MD and A Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, believes our body’s pH balance systems become overwhelmed.
Study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco on 9,000 women, showed that those who have chronic acidosis are at greater risk for bone loss than those who have normal pH levels.

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