These FAQ’s may answer some of your questions, but our Balance Building Video Series will answer many more! 

How are pH Thrive drops different from other pH drops?

I used your pH strips to test my water & the pH value doesn't go up. Why is this?

Which is more important in terms of absorption: stomach acid or overall pH?

I have looked at many different food charts regarding alkalizing vs. acidifying foods & they are all very different. Why is this?

What are the benefits of dehydrated foods versus whole foods?

What do green food powders do for my pH Balance?

Water Ionizers?

How can pH Thrive™ drops help Thyroid issues?

Can pH Thrive™ benefit pre-menopausal and menopausal women?

How do you feel about Chlorophyll?

Is it OK to use the mineral drops if I use blood thinners?

What are your thoughts on Kefir Grains?

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