pH ranges 6.4 – 6.8

Your saliva pH test resulted in an acceptably alkaline range.

Does this mean you’re healthy? Admittedly, we can’t say you’re perfectly healthy from one pH test. What this result displays is that your current saliva pH indicates that your body’s defenses, dedicated to eliminating waste acids, are functioning well at the time of testing. Optimally, your saliva pH reading should read in a range between 6.4 to 6.8; we consider 6.8 to be the ultimate goal as an average. Realize that your daily intake of foods and liquids, hormonal changes, and other variables can affect your body pH levels and pH test readings from hour to hour. Consistent acidic pH is an open invitation for disease, fatigue, obesity, and general poor health. How can you help Build pH Body Balance? We’ve got the answer: pH Thrive™.

pH Thrive™ is an all-natural, trace mineral concentrate that contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring minerals, harvested from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. When added as directed to purified water, pH Thrive creates an alkaline mineral water that can help to promote pH balance in the body..

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