pH eBook:  pHoundation of Wellness


pH eBook:  pHoundation of WellnesspH eBook Description:  On a busy afternoon in a large grocery store, just before Thanksgiving, Nicole and Stacy were merchandising their products in the health department when a customer (Beverly) asked Stacy a question about helping her locate a product in the store.  Although Beverly mistakenly thought Stacy was a store employee, he knew exactly where the requested product was located.  As he led her to it, he asked her why she was interested in this particular product.  Other people on the aisle heard Stacy and Beverly’s conversation, so the discussion grew.  Before they knew it, they were instructing a “natural health seminar” right in the middle of the store.  John asked questions about digestion and Deb wanted to learn more about her family history of high blood pressure.  But the most interesting question of all came from up above…no, not outside in the clouds, but literally on the ceiling. Find out who had been listening from above throughout the entire conversation.

After “health class” was over, Stacy and Nicole pack up and make their way through the parking lot, talking about their dinner plans.  As they approach their car, they see a familiar face standing by their car.  Just about the time they thought the conversation was over, it had only just begun.  Their dinner plans changed quickly and they had quite an emotional close to their day.

Join Stacy and Nicole in a “Conversation about Balancing the pH in your Body for Optimal Health” and learn many natural health strategies that you can implement today.  No matter your level of knowledge or education regarding health, you will find this pH eBook easy to read, easy to understand, and very logical.  Start Building Balance today in your pH Life!


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