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Dr. Brenda Nairn has been a chiropractor for several years & has suffered great pain from pustular psoriasis, a chronic condition where bumps on the skin fill with puss. It had gotten so bad that she had to wear gloves. Then she found pH Thrive mineral drops. “What I have found is that I was so near death, I had lost so much strength, energy. Everything was gone. I started the very first day with about 55 drops per day and did that for about 30 days and I lost 10 lbs, my skin started healing, I started getting my thought processes back. Energy levels are there. When I went off the drops, there was a marked difference. So, I now sell them in my office.”

letter of recommendation, Dr. & Mrs. Todd Frisch
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“pH Thrive has been an amazing addition to our practice. Many of our patients were testing acidic in urine tests and other products never seemed to work at changing the level of acidity. When we started using pH Thrive we noticed patients actually reported they were in less pain, feeling better AND their urine tests were changing and moving into a more balanced pH. Thank you for making such an amazing product!”
~Felicity Keough, D.C. 

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“We recommend pH Thrive to our patients. Here is what they are telling us: Relief from gastric reflux is, of course, one we hear a lot. Reports of better sleep quality. Restless leg symptoms have disappeared. Night sweats have diminished. A new one I heard just this week from a woman suffering with a mysterious pain on the left side of her
abdominal cavity which doctors haven’t been able to diagnose, has subsided since she’s been using pH Thrive. We also hear about an overall sense of wellbeing from just about everyone who uses pH Thrive. We love this product and recommend it highly!”
~Kim Bennett, D.C. 

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“With pH Thrive I am seeing patients who’s pH has come back to normal range of 6.8-7.2.  Not only have I seen the results on the pH strips, but also they have noticed a change in their life; increased energy, more relaxed and overall less stress in their systems.  The patients have been compliant in using this product because there is no taste and it is easy for them to add to their normal daily routine.  Thank you for all you do & keep up the great work.”
            ~ Jeffrey S. Fedorko, D.C. 

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““We love the pH Thrive Mineral drops! We are using them in our practice and patients notice that they have more energy, less chronic pain, better digestion, relief of hot flashes and relief from sugar cravings just to name a few. They are a great product at an affordable price!””
            ~ Susan Fleuchaus, D.C. 


“Stacy & Nicole are a very good team in trying to explain the real significance of pH balance. They’ve taken it from more of a complicated view & put it into a personal perspective, so people can understand it better, & it will be more effective when they use it.”
~ Dr. Henry Harbuck, N.D., Ph.D., CEO & Founder (Kingdom College of Natural Health, Guam)

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