Dr. Henry Harbuck, N.D. Ph.D., CEO/Co-Founder of Kingdom College of Natural Health

Dr. Harbuck has over 35 years of experience in the health-care field. He developed the first “Pain & Stress Clinic” in his city in 1980. Various kinds of therapies were offered to clients such as elimination diets, biofeedback, psychotherapy, naturopathic medical counseling, and conventional medical intervention. He is the author of more than five books. His most recent book is entitled, Alternative Medicine-the New Frontier.



Dr. Brenda Nairn has been a chiropractor for several years & has suffered great pain from pustular psoriasis, a chronic condition where bumps on the skin fill with puss.  It had gotten so bad that she had to wear gloves.  Then she found pH Thrive mineral drops.  “What I have found is that I was so near death, I had lost so much strength, energy.  Everything was gone.  I started the very first day with about 55 drops per day and did that for about 30 days and I lost 10 lbs, my skin started healing, I started getting my thought processes back.  Energy levels are there.  When I went off the drops, there was a marked difference.  So, I now sell them in my office.”

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“I have taken krill oil in the past that I had to stop because I would burp it up all day long. I love your krill oil because it has never done that. And I had read that my hair loss might be due to needing krill oil and iodine. I got my hair cut last week and my sytlist told me I have about 2 inches of new growth all over my head. So it started growing around the same time I started taking your supplements.”

~Jill Schmidt

“For the last ten months, I have been trying various products to assist me in dealing with Scoliosis in my back.  This problem was not corrected when I was a child due to the fact that I am almost 77 years old, and the medical field did not know what Scoliosis was or how to correct it by surgical braces, and or surgery until recent years.  When not corrected in one’s youth, it tends to activate in the “70’s” decade.  I have chosen not to have the surgery now as there are many complications due to my age and no guarantees that surgery would work.  I am, therefore, taking pain medications which cause extreme constipation, lack of energy, and tiredness.  pH Thrive (40 drops/day) helped me almost immediately to deal with the constipation and energy level.  I am very grateful for any product that displays a result and would recommend this product to anyone else who is in my position.  Thanks for the introduction to this supplement!”

~Linda Schmidt

“I am 100% convinced that making this lifestyle change was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.  I work retail and am in the cooler and freezer several times per week.  In the winter I would usually get two or three colds and it was always after spending long periods of time in the cold.  Since keeping my pH where it needs to be, I have not had one single cold. I have lost ten pounds and 4 inches off my waist and hips and I wasn’t even trying to lose weight.  The biggest and most impressive change of all was in my metabolism.  I’ve always been able to eat A LOT but would burn most of it off at work. Slowly, that began to change.  I wasn’t always thinking about food come 11 am and could continue to focus on my work.  I also began eating less and sometimes at supper would eat very little because I was still full from lunch. I’m not so tired early in the evening like I used to be either.”

~Kathy Kosch, Certified pH Body Balance Expert

“After having such great experiences with pH Life and their products, I want to share my story of how much my life has changed for the better. I’m 54 years old, and have been suffering through the effects of menopause for several years now. The hormonal changes that go along with this change in life have been a burden for me, at least until I began my change to a “pH Life.” I began using pH Thrive Concentrated Mineral Drops regularly after Nicole shared with me how easy it was to use these drops to help with minerals deficiencies that are common throughout menopause. I admit I was a bit skeptical, but had read where magnesium could really help menopausal symptoms. I can wholeheartedly confirm that these drops have helped several of the problems I’ve faced, and I know that they are one of the main reasons why I feel so great now. I’m also drinking more water as well. My water intake was really low, and I never thought about it until I had a reason to by wanting to get my mineral drop servings in daily. I’m so grateful for Stacy and Nicole and the knowledge they’ve given me; their pH Life products have made a huge difference in my life! Thank you for all that you do!!!”

~Diana Magers

“I do a lot of yard work, gardening, and landscaping; working with handtools.  I always get painful muscle cramps, but with pH Thrive drops, the cramps are gone.  I am very happy that I found this product because eliminating the cramps has made a huge difference in my life.”

~ Joyce Nielsen

“For me, one of the most challenging areas in living a healthy lifestyle is choosing quality supplements without breaking the bank.  Always before, I was forced to purchase a multi-vitamin, with additional supplements, to get an acceptable and quality amount of D3 and Magnesium.  pH Thrive 360 has solved that problem for me which not only includes a high quality amount of D3 and magnesium, but it includes Aquamin, Green Tea Extract and Coezyme Q10, an incredible anti-inflammatory and immune system combination  under $30 a month.  In addition, I have been drinking a minimum of 40 drops of pH Thrive, daily, for four months.  The biggest difference for me other than I am no longer acidic and maintain a healthy saliva pH balance of 7.2 – 7.4, has been with weight management and sleep.  I no longer go up and down with weight, nor do I feel puffiness, anytime during the month.  Quality sleep is now the normI know the pure magnesium mineral combination is making the difference.  pH Thrive has become a commodity for me and my balanced daily life.”

~Kim Goble

“I bought your pH Thrive mineral drops at my Chiropractor. The difference in my life has been absolutely amazing!!! I no longer crave sweets, I have way more energy and my skin started glowing!!  Thanks and Keep up the good work. P.S. I am 60 yrs old have Osteoarthritis, Fibro, and scoliosis yet these drops I swear make me feel young!!!

~Kim C Muir

“As a former college athlete, I knew the importance of a good diet and daily exercise. What I didn’t count on was the effects of 60 years of hard work on my body. I had gotten to a place where my joints were achy, especially my feet. I was forced to completely lay off my jogging routine, and my feet were beginning to bother me in everyday situations. Fortunately, after hearing some information touting the benefits of pH Life’s products and the many ailments that pH balance could improve, I contacted Stacy and Nicole to get their take on how they could help. I began a supplement regimen of pH Life 360 multivitamins, Pulse krill oil, and the Posture calcium-magnesium capsules. In addition to these, I also use pH Life mineral drops every day. I have never felt better! I can work and exercise with no pain in my feet or joints, which is an amazing effect I didn’t realize could come from natural means. My energy levels have improved and my friends and family can’t keep up with me. I’m sold on pH Life products, and the great information that they present. I’m a customer for life!”

~Randy Magers

“Diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20’s, I have spent two decades visiting an endocrinologist yearly for blood work.  My fasting blood sugar is of main concern and has remained steady for the past 4-5 years;  hovering at about 100.  The normal fasting blood sugar range is 70-100.    After reading an article pH Life posted on Facebook about the link between magnesium and blood sugar, I decided to give the pH Thrive drops a try.  After 1 month of consistently using the drops, I went in for my yearly blood work and exam.  My blood sugar had dropped to 90 – a number I don’t remember ever seeing on any of my test results.  I was shocked and my doctor was very happy.   He referred to my results as “metabolically perfect”.   I am thrilled with this product and look forward to seeing what other benefits come my way.”

~Shannon Nagy

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“As soon as I started using pH Thrive drops, I could feel a real difference.  I used to have to take Zantac everyday for heartburn & acid reflux, but since I started the drops, I have completely eliminated that drug.  It’s so great to find natural remedies to replace medication.  I love getting to the root cause, instead of covering up my symptoms.  In addition, I sleep better at night, I have more energy, & I just have an overall good feeling of well-being.  Thank you pH Life!  I will continue to Thrive, thanks to your wonderful mineral drops!”

~Carol Fritts

“I absolutely love pH Thrive™ drops and don’t go anywhere without them. We keep a bottle on the kitchen counter, in the car and of course they are always in my purse and on my desk. All that being said, I had the opportunity, recently, to really put them to the test. I was traveling by plane while nursing a sinus infection. The pressure in the plane, when landing, was almost unbearable to my ears and face. I was so worried that the pressure would push the infection further into my head, so as a counter measure I pulled out my drops and took a double dose with some water. For the next couple days I didn’t drink anything that didn’t have a dose of drops added to it. And I can’t even begin to explain the results. Within a 24 hour period I felt great, my head was clear and I had abundant energy! It is one thing to feel the effects of the drops when you aren’t under the weather, but when you are sick and have the kind of recovery I experienced…I became even more of a believer. I wasn’t always good at remembering to use the drops before this incident, but now, I never miss and would never be without them!! Thank you pH Life™!”

~Pamela Fischbach

“Having been diagnosed with Graves Disease about 2 years ago, I have experienced quite a roller coaster ride. First, I dealt with hyperthyroidism, which prevented me from sleeping for months. From that point, my body was thrown into hypothyroidism after being treated with radioactive iodine, so still I have had to really work to balance myself back out. Needless to say, I have been exhausted for far too long!!

I was introduced to pH Life by none other than the founders themselves – what a fortuitous meeting! I began using pH Thrive drops everyday as directed (which is extremely simple), and I could actually tell a difference on the first day. My energy levels have been much better, and I have observed that I am no longer struggling to get out of bed in the morning. And, I really like the way my alkalized water feels and tastes; yes you can physically feel the difference as the water (or morning coffee) washes over your tongue and down your throat. Further, I have found that I stay better hydrated, which has always been of major importance to me. The long and short of it is that I love my pH Thrive™ drops so much that I had to purchase more to share with friends and family. I will continue to use them every day. Thank you, pH Life™!”

~Amy Coffman

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“I’ve been taking pH Thrive™ drops for a few weeks and I have been raving to my friends about how much more energy I have at the end of day. Work demands energy, home demands energy, everyone wants more from me. Thankfully I found something that works for me.”

~ Lynn Strube

“I’ve had bad headaches for the last year. Since taking pH Thrive™ drops, I’ve noticed my energy is better and almost no headaches. I’m a mother of 3 and spend my day running so I need all the help I can get!”

~ Paula Linde

“I wasn’t sure about taking pH Thrive™ drops because I have been taking so many other supplements and vitamins. I’m never quite sure what all these products are doing for me. But I can really tell a difference in my body. My husband says I’m not as cranky and I just feel like I have a bit more zip. It’s the first supplement I can really feel.”

~Miriam Ross

“Using the pH Thrive™ drops helps me drink more water, which I know I need to do. But now I drink more water than ever, because the drops remind me of the health benefits. The combination of drinking more water and adding needed minerals to the water (which raises my pH)…is part of my daily routine. It feels so good to know that while hydrating my body, I’m preventing future illness & reducing acidity. I love my new pH life.”

~ Anette Greene

“I have had no symptoms of acid reflux since I started taking pH Thrive drops. I can’t even say that I noticed, until I read one of the pH Life Facebook postings, regarding its positive effects on heartburn. I have been feeling so good, that until I read the article, I hadn’t even realized the correlation. I knew that it claimed to help with symptoms of relux, but so many products do. This time I found a product that can back up its claims. I am a believer & a pHan. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to naturally reduce acids in their body.”

~Dr. Steve Greene

Stacy and Nicole Kimmel are “gifted” in their profession. They have taught our family life skills, proper fitness techniques and provided in-depth knowledge about the importance of eating healthy and exercising to better our health. The knowledge they provide in naturopathic health and healing has proven to be beneficial. We use all the pH Thrive supplements and they have been very effective. The mineral drops  increased my daily magnesium intake, which has improved my sleep quality greatly. As a former gymnast and cheerleader, I had gotten to the point that my ankles hurt so bad I had to wrap them to do any type of physical activity. But after taking the krill oil, within a short period of time, I noticed that I didn’t have to wrap my ankles anymore.  Thank you for enlightening us about health options we didn’t even know we had.

 ~Lesley Skinner

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