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Stacy & Nicole Kimmel

Stacy & Nicole Kimmel

Stacy Kimmel, Ph.D.

Stacy Kimmel is a holds a Ph.D in Natural Medicine and is Board Certified by the Texas Chiropractic College and has been a wellness/fitness professional for more than 25 years.  He began this journey in May 1987 as a fitness instructor at Holiday Spa in Costa Mesa, CA. Although it was a nice introduction into the pro ranks of fitness training and nutrition, he quickly saw that working in a commercial gym wasn’t for him! He couldn’t provide the type of personalized instruction and results that he knew would make a healthy difference in his client’s lives.

Thru years of successful service provided in various personal training and nutritional settings both in California and Missouri, along with extensive educational pursuits aimed at increasing his knowledge of nutrition and wellness, he feels he has positively affected the lives of his clients every day & will continue to do so.

He currently holds or has held training certifications that are recognized both nationally and worldwide. These organizations include ISSA, ACE, NESTA, and IFA. He is a certified Sports Nutritionist, specializing in wellness supplementation and a CEU provider for MSCA (Missouri State Chiropractors Association).  With people from all walks of life: ages 9 to 98, disabled to athlete, totally uninterested to supremely committed, he has logged over 20,000 hours of successful training and nutritional counseling sessions.

Stacy says, “I have been blessed with opportunities to learn from my clientele thru everyday nutritional scenarios that we all face. I didn’t realize that I would be placed in situations that would force me to look outside the box for answers as to why ‘standard’ dietary practices weren’t producing positive results. I began studying theories of pH body balance, as a way to assess individual needs for overall wellness for anyone interested in weight management, more energy, better immune system, fighting disease, etc. This has been the work of Physicians, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Biochemists, etc., that has led me to champion the cause of pH body balance.”

Stacy’s Testimonials

“Nine years ago I hired Stacy to help me to improve my health. My blood pressure is down, my weight has remained stable, & my cardio fitness is better than it’s been in 20 years. I can’t even imagine what my health would be like had Stacy & I not met. I’m 60 & my health is better than ever.”

Woody Justice, Jewelry Store owner

“My husband and I have been working out with Stacy since June 2008 and we absolutely love it. I’m not very self-motivated if left up to myself so knowing Stacy is coming three times a week has been great. I have also enjoyed working out together with my husband, sometimes that’s one of the rare chances we might get to spend time together with such busy schedules. Stacy is extremely knowledgeable in not only personal training techniques but also has a vast knowledge of the human body such as muscles, bones, etc. We would definitely recommend Stacy to anyone wanting to get toned up!”

Tracey McCullough, Co-Owner McCullough & Associates

“Stacy delivers his information in a professional but understandable manor. He always seems to make you feel like he is speaking directly to you. He is honest, upfront, full of details, personable, and even humorous! He works with you where you are, to get you to where you want to be. I’m most grateful for his input into my life.”

Pam Pretti, Family Ministry

“I’ve been a client of Stacy’s for nearly 15 years & I’ve grown to know him as a genuine, caring, and compassionate person. He presents “Healthy” facts in an understandable and clear manner, so that anyone can comprehend. At 75 years old, drinking alkaline water keeps me feeling energized & young. I have a bottle of pH Thrive mineral drops at home, in my car, & in my travel bag.”

Jess Gibson, Cornerstone Church Pastor

“Stacy Kimmel is a very profound, educated, enthusiastic person. When discussing the different aspects of wellness, his passion for the topic becomes very apparent and it highlights the fact that his job is his pride. Stacy has an approachable personality and is always open to answering questions. It’s very rare to find someone who obviously loves what they do and Stacy Kimmel is one of the few. I am honored to have him as my mentor.”

Katie Caddell, Exercise and Movement Science Degree Student

“As many do, I had “let myself go” and was overweight, in the worst shape of my life and in need of help. I have been working with Stacy for 7 years now and couldn’t be happier with the results. I am stronger now than I ever and in excellent cardio shape. Stacy has helped me maintain my fitness with a diverse exercise program, as well as expert advice on nutrition & pH body balance. He has also helped me train with sports-specific programs to prepare for events such as 100 mile/day road bicycling rides and team triathlons. Working with Stacy has had a positive impact in all areas of my life – helping to relieve stress, increase energy levels throughout the day, and rest better at night.”

Mike Nagy, Engineer

“Within 6 weeks my body transformed & I had a lower body fat percentage through Stacy’s Wellness program. I could visually see my body taking shape! Not only did I reap those benefits, but he has given me a world of knowledge on food, vitamins, and how the body really works. I’m amazed at what I’ve learned! I could never say enough GREAT things about Stacy!”

Carolyn Kierstead, Teacher

“I started working with Stacy about 12 years ago. He designed a strategy that is tailor made to fit my lifestyle. We have a deal – he provides the information, motivation, and plan and I provide the sweat. The results of his tutelage are manifold – I have enough energy to keep up with 6 grandchildren; I sleep better; my friends and family tell me I look great; and I feel strong enough physically and mentally to handle whatever life dishes out.”

Beverly Blake, Retired Teacher

“Stacy Kimmel is very informed and personable. He cares about your personal situation and will answer your questions. He has a lot of knowledge and continues to learn and keep up with new ways that can improve a person’s health. Anyone will be encouraged by what he has to share.”

Pam Ellis, “Biggest Loser” local contest participant

“After being a client of Stacy’s for over a year, I was very excited to learn about body pH. I have been alkalizing regularly & following his recommendations consistently and I have more energy every day.”

Karen Krittenbrink, Philanthropist & Fundraiser

Nicole Kimmel, Ph.D.

Nicole Kimmel graduated from Southwest Missouri State University with a B.S degree in Communication Management. Through her Master’s studies in Organizational Behavior at UTD (University of Texas, Dallas), she received an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Executive Business Coaching License.  She holds a PhD in Lifestyle Health Coaching.

Over the past 20 years, she has had experience in many different areas of business, but they all had one common element: working with, teaching and/or training PEOPLE! Some of her positions included: Marketing Director, Media Buyer, Event Planner, Advertising, Branding, Web Development, Copywriter, Employee Trainer, Executive Coach, Hiring, Recruiting, Business/Product Development, Internship Programs, & Incentive Planning. She won 2 National Addy awards for marketing campaigns (Logo & Illustration) & has written many published articles. She was an independent representative for Juice Plus, selling nutritional supplements & for 9 years, she was an independent representative for Silpada Designs where she received many awards: Top/Career Recruiter, Career Sales, New Business Developer award, etc…and was a trainer/speaker at both company’s National Conventions.

Nicole is the architect and co-author of SELF ReClaimed™, a Self-Empowerment toolkit that helps people transform their limiting beliefs into limit-less beliefs.  This project was very personal to her, as she had always dreamed of developing a resource for people to better understand their behavior, based on years of family patterns.  She hopes this program will help others find the strength to break the cycle, so they can “Re-Write their Story” and “ReClaim their Life.”

Nicole says, “With my many different business experiences, one theme is consistent throughout: my love of helping others. Most of all, my love of ‘helping people help themselves.’ For the last several years, I have taken all my prior business training, education, & knowledge…and dedicated my time & energy to doing just that. I can’t think of a better way to ‘help people help themselves,’ than through teaching disease prevention options (mind & body) & helping people FEEL GOOD! Hence, pH Life was born. Stacy & I are very excited about combining our knowledge and strengths…and helping people Build Balance, Naturally: Body & Mind.”

Nicole’s Testimonials

“I am the CEO & Co-Owner of Silpada Designs, a company comprised of over 50,000 independent sales representatives. Nicole is one of our most successful representatives & organizational leaders…& has consistently achieved many top awards within our company. She is an extraordinary individual. She is bright, articulate, energetic, passionate, & a person of action and integrity. And, she is also a very serious & disciplined business person.

Gerald (Jerry) Kelly, CEO Silpada Designs, Inc.

“I would put Nicole Kimmel in the same class as a Dale Carnegie. She knows ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People!’ Nicole has exceptional talent coaching people on how to create opportunity & achieve goals. She is amazing, because she is so determined to succeed. I would love to have her as my coach!”

David Trottier, owner SummerFresh Supermarkets, Inc.

“Nicole is a great coach. She has a spirit and drive that keeps her team motivated & focused. I worked directly with Nicole on the launch of a new regional grocery store chain when I was the Executive Creative Director with NOBLE, a regional advertising agency. Nicole was an excitable client and coach and not only articulated the vision, but lead people to participate in it. And through the twists and turns that happens when launching a campaign, Nicole was never on the sideline but fully in the game. I continue to admire and enjoy her partnership, her fearlessness and her strong desire for excellence.”

Tim Bade, Executive Creative Director for Noble

“I have watched Nicole’s job performance for the last 9 years. Much of her job description involves interviewing, training, and coaching people. She displays exceptional listening skills and patience. She has a real aptitude for helping people open up.”

Lyn Conway, President A Fresh Perspective, Inc.

“Nicole and I became acquainted when she entered High School as a freshman student in September 1987. I was her counselor & then at the end of her freshman year, I became her dance team sponsor. During our 25 year friendship, it has been my privilege to observe how she has developed and utilized her many talents for the benefit of many in her life. It was evident when she was a high school student that she had strong leadership skills. She assumed responsibilities easily & effortlessly. Even at a young age, she served as a mentor to others in the groups she led. Through the years, she has had a strong entrepreneurial spirit that was stimulated by each challenge of a new experience.

Carol Fritts, Retired Counselor of Springfield Public Schools

“Nicole’s abilities are amazing & are exceeded only by her desire and determination to succeed. She finishes everything she starts & is detail oriented. Her communication skills and confidence are always impressive. Her reputation personally and professionally is excellent.”

Tammy Felton, Coach, Producer, Consultant Felton Entertainment Group

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicole for the past 20 years & can say without reservation that Nicole is the most motivated, enthusiastic, and determined woman I have ever met. Nicole has the unique ability to communicate and “connect” with an audience in a way that most people cannot. She is a forward thinking individual with a relentless work ethic & professional drive that simply exceeds the majority of her colleagues, both male & female. Nicole is organized, methodical, and committed to excellence in everything she does, which is reflected in her successful business ventures. Personally, Nicole is outgoing, warm, & engaging. She has found the balance between being a successful and respected business woman, & a loving caring mother & wife. As an owner of multiple businesses myself, I take the responsibility of writing testimonials very seriously. If you’re looking for the best in the business, your search is over. Nicole Kimmel is the one-in-a-million you want!”

Scott Opfer, President Opfer Communications

“Nicole and I have spent over 16 hours working together through Mentor Coaching practice. Nicole is very resourceful, quick on her feet, and very flexible; to meet the needs of any situation. Every once in a while you meet someone who seems to be a born coach. She has added extensive education and practical experience to that core gift. The coaching profession needs Nicole to take it to the next level of expression!”

Jerry DeShazo; DD, MBA, ICF Master Certified Coach

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